Nisim Review : Testimonials from New Hair Biofactors users

"As a hair dresser, I’m always eager to try new products. I’ve noticed a thinning area in the crown of my husband Michael’s, hair. He started using Nisim and four weeks later I can honestly say I’ve noticed a big difference."
- Patti Coyne, Delineation Professionals’ Choice

"I bought my mother and aunt some of the Nisim hairgrowth shampoo and they used it for about 3 months and got wonderful results. They are 2 women out of a family of 12 and all of them are going bald due to heredity. Whenever they noticed the big difference in their hair they decided to start using the extract along with the shampoo. We had a family reunion Memorial Day weekend and all the brothers and sisters were so amazed at how much their hair had come back that they were ALL asking me where and how they could get this product. My mother feels so much better about herself now its unreal. Thanks Nisim."
- Melissa Dickerson, Submitted on internet

"I was always very skeptical about products that claimed to restore hair. But, after six months of personally using Nisim, my hair is coming in stronger and fuller looking and my clients are asking what I am doing that is restoring my hair. I tell them its Nisim. Now Nisim is a top selling item in our salon."
- Manny Sa, House of Mann Hair Design

"My hair is color treated with 20 volume peroxide every four weeks. This leaves my hair very dry, brittle and thin. Since using your products (Nisim) my hair feels fuller, thicker and does not fall out. Please continue to market the product as I have become a faithful customer."
- Debbie Beck-Radley, Carin’s Cuts and Curls

"A true testimony, we have been selling Nisim™ products for over a year and we feel that it does wonders to generate new hair growth and keeps hair from falling out."
- Peter Haros, Champion Hair Replacements

"I have used this product since October, 1999. I like most women have thinning hair. Mine began thinning after the birth of my baby in November of 1998. I would brush my hair and small clumps would be in the brush. I waited hoping it was just my hormones but my hair was really beginning to look messy. So I tried the product and my NEW hair is now healthy and shiny".
- Internet Testimonial, name withheld

"It has always been my professional belief that my clients deserve only the very best in professional products. Both my clients and I are enthusiastic about the results seen after only three months. Nisim™, it’s an asset to my business."
- John Frenda, Vincent’s Den for Men

"In the short time we’ve been selling Nisim™ in our salon, we have experienced fantastic results with our clients, both men and women. It’s a great product. Thank you."
- Kenneth Emma, Kennections Hair Concepts

" we have never experienced a product that gives the results Nisim™ has. It’s gratifying to recommend a product that really works."
- Chris and Staff, Hairways VIP Salon

"My daughter is the little girl in Campbellville who is suffering with Alopecia Universalis" "I can tell you that we are so impressed with the results we must have more." With consistent, regular treatment we found that hair started to grow in patches. We were not sure that the results were from your product so we stopped for several months. Beverlee lost whatever growth she had with no potential for re-growth on its own. We then committed ourselves to using your product and once again after six weeks of treatment her scalp started sprouting hair."
- Bonnie Hoy, Campbellville Ontario

"You might be interested in knowing that my husband has been using the product for about 18 months. He has had a slow steady return of hair. In a few more months he will have a full cover of hair."
- Therese Dowd, Akron Ohio

"Wow what a great product." "What a lift to my self esteem, now people ask me what I am doing to get my hair back. I have only one word for them, Nisim™. Thanks for giving me my hair and self esteem back."
- Ron Fishback, Portland Oregon

I just wanted to tell you that these products are just amazing. I have a sensitive scalp and I had been over doing it with gels, and blow drying. In February, 1999 I noticed my hair was falling out. This happened to me before about 6 years ago and I had used Nisim products to restore all the hair that I had lost then.
Well, then in February 1999 I started back with the Nisim products and my hair has grown back. It's such an amazing feeling to feel actual hair growth on my scalp. Less than a year and my hair looks amazing, NO MORE BALD PATCHES!
thank you
- S.Cole

"I have a been user of nisim, hair care products since 8 years, I found that has kept my hair from falling, a hereditary baldness runs on both sides of my family, mother and father, when I was younger in my 20s my hair was very thick, but certain things happen in a person's life that can be stressed related and I noticed that my hair was starting to get thinner I have noticed a lot of hair in the sink in my brush on my pillow, I didn't know what to do after six months I was at my wits end with my hair I was trying everything over the counter that you could get I have tried Rogaine, it didn't help after.

A friend told me about a little secret of his, he was much older than me, both sides of his family suffer with hereditary boldness, he notice the struggle that I was going through with my hair and then he told my about the secret it was Nisim shampoo, conditioner, and serum drops, the three steps to thicker healthier hair, I have noticed the change after using all three steps, my hair stopped falling, I also notice my hair getting thicker like they were in my teens and 20s, I have went off and on of nisim, but I have not found anything that makes my hair so thick and healthy looking after all these years I am still a user of nisim products, it s a part of my daily routine,I have also told all of my friends including woman.

I am writing this letter to thank all of the people, the chemist, the people that created this product, the people who make this available to the public, I mean this sincerely. If it were not for nisim, I would probably be bald by now"
- Chris, Submitted on internet

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