Nisim NewHair Biofactors FAQs

Who is Nisim designed for?
- Men and Women who want hair care products for the healthiest hair growth possible.
- Men and Women who are experiencing pattern hair loss, thinning hair

How does Nisim stop pattern hair loss?
Nisim products contain an Herbal Extract that is composed of various botanicals that are known to help stop hair loss. The most familiar of these is saw palmetto, which has been proven to be an effective DHT inhibitor.

Why are there two formulas (for Dry hair and for Oily hair)?
Hair generally tends to be either Dry, Oily, or Normal. If you're hair tends to be more dry, then Nisim products for Dry/Normal hair are for you, and if it tends to be more oily then try the formulas for Oily/Normal hair. If your hair doesn't tend to be be dry or oily (a.k.a normal) than either formula will work for you.

Which Nisim product is best for treating hair loss?
Nisim's Hair Stimulating Extract is specifically designed for treating hair loss. While using the shampoo and conditioner alone can help stop thinning hair, it is recommended that the Hair Stimulating Extract be used for best results.

Is Nisim clinically proven?
Yes. See full details of Nisim New Hair Biofactors clincal study.